Faculties & Programs

Interactive-U models a culture of learning that is culturally-inclusive, cross disciplinary, multimedia, and interactive. You can select any of the Courses from our nine distinct Faculties and take one or more at a time at your own pace. There are no prerequisites and you will gain access to Course materials as soon as you enroll. 

Additionally, we have designed ten Programs each of which include a cluster of 5 core Courses and support to propel you toward a specific output whether you are returning to school, writing a book, making a video, creating educational media, learning how to do original research, starting your own business, or considering homeschooling your kids. Surpass your expectations of yourself and expand your horizons, build your capacities, and fulfill your goals. 

Interactive-U Faculties and Programs allow for different layers of engagement and performance. We meet you where you are and give you the opportunity to be constructive. You can engage with a supportive community where Students and Instructors collaborate with you to help create projects you never thought possible.

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