Interactive Processes

The traditional education system expects everyone to be uniform - and we aren't.  We are expected to think the same way - and we don't. Traditionally, we try to figure out what teachers want so we can give it to them. At Interactive-U, we value your thinking and nurture your growth.   Every Course includes three interactive components with sequential tasks to build on what you already know. At I-U, instead of feeling isolated and in competition, you unleash your creativity in an atmosphere of collaboration.

Interactive Process 1 - Self-Reflection
Examine thought-provoking resources, reflect on your own values, and increase the clarity of your perception.

Interactive Process 2 - Collaboration
Work with others to enrich your perspective, develop your skills,  use your talents, and construct original multimedia materials.

Interactive Process 3 - Social Action
Bring vision to action by sharing your research results and collaborative projects to create positive change within the wider community.

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