I-U Culture

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I-U is a new paradigm in education. At I-U, we move from teacher-centered teaching to learner-centered learning. We invite you to join our interactive community. Come experience a new culture in learning and creativity. See the difference below:

Interactive I-U Culture Traditional Education
Learner centered learning Teacher centered teaching
Constructive Deconstructive
Inquiring Questioning validity
Curiosity Jumping to conclusions
Respect Judgement
Collaboration Competition
Inclusiveness Exclusiveness
Finding common ground Finding fault
Openness to new paradigm Trying to fit existing constructs
Seeking to understand Pushing one's agenda
Listening for the intent Thinking you already know
Based on true knowledge & wisdom                  Profit and money based
Looking beyond appearances Judging by appearance
Asking questions Making assumptions
Building on what is known Critiquing what exists

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