How it Works

how it works

When you enroll in your first Course or Program at Interactive-U, you become part of the I-U learning community. Course materials are both synchronous and asynchronous. Synchronous events include real-time Live Events, discussions, and opportunities to interact virtually with your Instructor and classmates. Asynchronous materials include articles, videos, surveys, and Discussion Boards that can be accessed anytime.

Your Course or Program starts as soon as you enroll.  You gain access to theoretical framework and relevant research resources for each Course. All Interactive-U Courses and Programs follow the same structure, presenting Interactive Processes and activities that allow for self-reflection, collaboration, and social action. You can work alone or you can collaborate with other Students to enhance your learning experience. You are free to choose your level of engagement. You may just want to explore the materials, comment on the Discussion Boards, and attend the Live Events. Or, you may choose to develop your own portfolio through opportunities to create a video, a multimedia presentation, or write a paper or book that is publishable. Personal consultations are also available for an additional fee if you need specific support or feedback to complete a project that you are working on. We are here to help you!

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