Teach & Learn English

Have you ever thought of teaching English abroad or do you need to learn English for owrk or academic purposes? The TEACH & LEARN ENGLISH Program actively involves teachers and learners together in a media-rich, learner-centered environment. Taking into account the grammatical characteristics of the learner's first language, participants develop and practice interactive exercises with immediacy of feedback.  Working together, teachers and students develop effective multimedia lessons to teach and learn English.

Teach & Learn English No Jeans

The TEACH & LEARN ENGLISH Program includes these five core Courses: 

EDPSYC 101: New Paradigm in Education
EDPSYC 103: Psychology of Adult Learning 
COM 171: Theories of Language Learning
COM 172:  Multimedia Language Teaching
COM 173: Communication: Vision & Mission

OUTPUT:  Portfolio of culturally-inclusive, multimedia, interactive exercises

Total Program Price:  $999

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