Discover secrets from the ancient past, innovative designs and alternatives for the future.

Transforming Society Through Innovation

Throughout history, society has been transformed, for better or worse, by the introduction of new technologies. The science and technology of today is more than sufficient to provide for the nutrition, housing, transportation, communication and energy needs of all people, while preserving the earth's fragile ecosystem. In the current economies in the world, scarcity is built into the system. This course explores the role of applied innovation in transforming society from inequity to shared accountability.

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Pyramid Code

People are fascinated with ancient Egypt but what we were taught in school does not line up with recent scientific investigation and ancient texts. Research reveals that the ancient Egyptians were actually more technologically advanced than we are. This course explores the pyramid fields and ancient temples in Egypt, revealing clues to higher consciousness and sophisticated technology terms of geology, physics, astrophysics, archaeology, biological engineering, magnetic field theory and hieroglyphics.

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Sacred Sites & Lost Civilizations

When touring sacred sites, visitors may not gain real understanding of the true significance, origins, and secrets of technology that underlie the magnificent monuments. In this course, Students take a virtual tour and work collaboratively to construct an interactive map of worldwide archeological wonders and mysteries including megalithic rock structures, water systems, time- keeping features, and archeoastronomy, crystals, sacred carvings and other forms of ancient art, agriculture, and energy.

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Celtic Way of Seeing

Many adults and children in the world today suffer from 'nature-deficit disorder' and have lost touch with the values and spiritual practices of their ancestors. Rediscover the wisdom of the ancient Celts as revealed in traditional chants, songs, and poetry of the past, and develop your gifts of 'second sight' and other Druidic arts. Students will work with the four directions ~ north, south, east, and west ~ as guides and protectors, and connect with the elements and deities associated with the Celtic Spirit Wheel for personal, spiritual, and world transformation.

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