secrets of the ancients

Do you want the real truth about why the pyramids were built and what people from ancient civilizations knew? The SECRETS OF THE ANCIENTS Program takes you on a virtual adventure to explore the knowledge of the ancients. Every day there are new discoveries of pyramids and prehistoric artifacts. We are learning more about the technology and wisdom of the ancients and what it can mean for our survival today. Work together to construct an interactive world map of sacred sites and their features and what these discoveries mean.

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The SECRETS OF THE ANCIENTS Program includes these five core Courses: 

EDPSYC 101: New Paradigm in Education
ETOUR 112: Cross-Disciplinary Archeology 
ETOUR 113:  Exotic Egypt 
KNOW 122: The Pyramid Code
KNOW 123: Sacred Sites & Lost Civilizations

OUTPUT:  Collaborative interactive map of worldwide ancient sites 

Total Program Price:  $999

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