Interactive School for Kids

Are your children getting their creative needs met at school or are you ready to explore educational alternatives for them? The INTERACTIVE SCHOOL FOR KIDS Program involves parents and kids in a unique educational experience that supports a new paradigm in education. Parents create an ongoing support group to explore educational alternatives, while kids engage in a course of their own to develop their interests, hone their personal learning styles and showcase their inventions, presentations, and experiments.

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The INTERACTIVE SCHOOL FOR KIDS Program includes these five core Courses: 

EDPSYC 104: Educational Alternatives for Your Child
EDPSYC 102: Eco-Social Action 
KNOW 121: Transforming Society Through Innovation
ETOUR 111: The Psychology of Eco-Adventure
SPRIT 134: Ecology and Global Peace

OUTPUT:  Showcase of kids' inventions, presentations and experiments 

Total Program Price:  $999

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