Research & Publication

Develop research and writing skills to express, publish and contribute your ideas

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Educational Psychology

Explore a new paradigm for constructive, interactive adult and child learning

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Uncover your sense of adventure through real and virtual excursions around the world

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Film & Multimedia

Create original videos and multimedia presentations to express your vision

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Esoteric Arts

Rediscover and reconnect with esoteric wisdom and alternative views and perspectives

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Business & e-Commerce

Work for yourself and build e-commerce websites to generate multiple streams of income

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Language & Communication

Gain confidence and skills in communication and proficiency in language teaching and learning

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New Futures


Discover secrets from the ancient past and innovative designs and alternatives for the future

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Spiritual Activism

Embrace your true self, build new capacities and redefine your soul's purpose

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10 Programs

  • School is Cool

    School is Cool

    What if going back to school is your ticket to finding more satisfaction and getting where you want to be?…
  • Secrets of the Ancients

    Secrets of the Ancients

    Do you want to know the real truth about why the pyramids were built and what ancient people knew?   …
  • Consciousness Science

    Consciousness Science

    Would you like to learn how to run a research study measuring the effects of things unseen like consciousness?   …
  • My Video

    My Video

    Would you like to develop the skills to be able to produce an effective informational or promotional video?    …
  • Teach & Learn English

    Teach & Learn English

    Have you ever considered teaching English abroad? Do you need to learn English for school or work?        …
  • Educational Media

    Educational Media

    Is it time you learned to use new technology to make cool multimedia teaching materials for your students?    …
  • My Book

    My Book

    Do you think that now is the time for you to write and maybe even publish your own book?   …
  • My Research

    My Research

    Do you want to conduct original research and examine your choice topic and then publish your results?      …
  • My Business

    My Business

    Do you want to be financially self-reliant by getting a number of streams of income based on your passions?   …
  • Interactive School for Kids

    Interactive School for Kids

    Are your kids getting all their needs met at school? As a parent, are you ready to explore other alternatives?…

Welcome Message

Join us at Interactive-U, an Online Learning and Scoial Action Network. Our Courses are culturally-inclusive, cross disciplinary, multimedia, and interactive online curriculum. In this new paradigm in education, we move from teacher-centered teaching to learner-centered learning. Take one Course at a time or enroll in one of our 10 Programs in your area of interest. Come and experience a new culture in learning and creativity.